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Welcome Back to School!

Congratulations on your new school year!

We continue to offer tools and resources to help you and your students succeed with the Common Core and are adding to them all the time. They include:

  1. Customized year long planning posters and student/teacher tools
  2. Teaching Common Core writing through integrated units
  3. Launching a literate classroom: ideas for the first 6 weeks of school
  4. Standards posters and student checklists
  5. Test Prep
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1. Planning Your Year

Charlotte will be leading Common Core initiatives in a number of districts which will show teachers how to plan the year with Common Core using existing text materials, as well as developing integrated reading and writing units to teach the core through the window of science and social studies grade level content and quality literature.

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2. Together is Better

Handbooks for Teaching Literacy with Integrated Units

Each of the three 100+ page handbooks for opinion/argument, informative/explanatory, and narrative writing propose that reading, writing, language skills, and even speaking skills are taught in context with the learning of content and literature. Therefore, instructional strategies for close reading, note-taking, and vocabulary development are included in each handbook, along with detailed lessons for teaching that writing type.

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3. For the First 6 Weeks of School

  • “Getting to Know your Readers” provides a guide and protocol for conducting interviews with students about their reading skills and habits during the first 10 days of school.
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4. Common Core Standards Posters and Student Checklists for ELA and Mathematics

The posters are formatted for easy printing with tabloid (11” by 17”) paper in a regular copy machine. We now have all subjects and all grade levels K–12. We welcome your feedback on the new math posters; we collaborated with several teachers to determine useful icons to signal the strands on the posters.

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5. Test Prep

We now have several resources for helping students best prepare for the SBAC CAASPP testing.

Grade Level Academic Language sheets for students based on SBAC sample tests. These lists help students become familiar with testing language.

Sample constructed response questions for students to practice testing and get used to the format and language before testing.

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What’s on the Drawing Board?

In our work with districts throughout California we continue to update, modify, and develop tools to help you as we go. Some of the things we will be offering this year include: